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HIMSS Launches Office of Scientific Research Inviting Health Sector Stakeholders to Partner in Global Learning Community

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HIMSS has launched a new Office of Scientific Research, a learning community for health sector stakeholders around the globe.

The Office of Scientific Research (OSR), aims to focus on the creation of robust empirical evidence around digital health, delivering critical and actionable insights and best practices that will power the future of healthcare.

Digital health transformation varies widely across the globe with different goals to achieve and populations to serve within every health system. With this variability, it is critical that insights, knowledge and evidence of clinical, financial and operational improvement be accessible and sharable to drive improved outcomes as digital health transformation accelerates.

“With the velocity information is shared today, key intelligence and best practices are constantly being defined and redefined,” said Reid Oakes, Executive Vice President of Analytics for HIMSS. “The future of healthcare relies on ensuring the information we have at our fingertips is evaluated and validated to drive the innovation that will create pathways for broadening health equity and improved clinical, financial and operational outcomes. The HIMSS Office of Scientific Research was created to convene the best health sector partners, harness intelligence and make it globally accessible to power the future of healthcare.”

Initial areas of focus for OSR include:

  • Operational performance of health systems
  • Equity in access to health services and equity as it relates to health outcomes
  • Health outcomes and the personalization of healthcare delivery
  • Impact of digital health ecosystems on health workforce outcomes
  • Global impact of digital capacity and health system performance across jurisdictions

To learn more about OSR and how your organization can partner with HIMSS, connect with us.

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