HIMSS Medical Banking Project Institute and Boot Camp at HIMSS10 Recaps

During HIMSS10, the new HIMSS Medical Banking Project rolled out Designing the Healthcare Financial Network of the Future, its global program supporting overall health improvement by leveraging banking systems. The program convened key stakeholders (providers, banks, employers and payers) to define a better platform for managing finite financial resources through two onsite events.

During theMedical Banking Boot Camp on Feb. 28, participants learned about the emerging role of banks and financial institutions in healthcare, the new HIMSS MBProject Advisory Council, and the MBProject’s strategy for promoting positive change and innovation in healthcare. Speakers also explored how meaningful use, administrative simplification, HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 are impacting the financial side of healthcare.

During a session focused on the "The Health Data Transaction Ecosystem," speakers discussed the impact of ICD-10 and 5010. In discussing the 5010 transition, scheduled to go into effect next year, Edifecs CEO Sunny Singh warned attendees not to underestimate the complexity of the transition and advised on testing, testing and then testing again prior to going live. “The key to success will be developing a unified compliance strategy across all channels of transaction and information processing,” Singh said. "Just saying 'I can send a good file' or 'I can receive a file' is just inadequate. The whole information chain, from the time a message is received until it is fully processed, reported and acknowledged, needs to be tested.”

On March 1-2, the Medical Banking Institute@HIMSS10 focused on “The Healthcare Financial Network of the Future.” The Institute kicked off with a panel discussion exploring what the “Healthcare Financial Network of the Future” will look like. Speakers offered perspectives from the banking, provider, payer and employer side of healthcare. Subsequent sessions during the Institute examined the challenges and issues impeding progress, ways to ensure a more efficient and empowering digital ecosystem in the healthcare industry, the evolving “DNA” of the transaction ecosystem, and privacy and security provisions within ARRA/HITECH.

The Institute also included the BANCTEC Networking Gala, highlighting the“Banks, Hospitals and People: The Point & Click Expedition” that promoted how organizations are bring healthcare online and recognizing individuals key to the tour’s success. The Institute concluded with a tour of the HIMSS10 Exhibition, including the Interoperability Showcase™.

Information on the HIMSS MBProject is available online or on the Medical Banking blog.