HIMSS Privacy and Security Awareness Initiatives – Now in Its Third Year

Lee KimI first learned about the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. online safety initiative from a television ad.  It was the first ad that I can recall seeing on television that spoke of staying safe online. The STOP.THINK.CONNECT. website was prominently displayed in that ad.  I soon found out that a non-profit organization, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), had spearheaded that effort. But, I also found out that NCSA was the driving force behind the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (each October) and Data Privacy Day (January 28th of each year).  I was familiar with these “cyber holidays” through social media. Now, I understood who was behind these initiatives and I wanted to learn more.

Stop Think Connect

Fortuitously, a colleague from the NCSA had reached out to me via e-mail asking if we (at HIMSS) were interested in partnering with them with their awareness initiatives. Of course, our answer was a resounding “yes.” Looking back, perhaps this was kismet.  And, it has been a really fun and enjoyable experience. We at HIMSS worked with our privacy and security volunteers, including from our HIMSS Privacy and Security Committee, to develop deliverables including infographics and tip sheets. The purpose of these deliverables is to educate and inform individuals in the healthcare sector about what they can do to improve their organization’s security posture at the enterprise-level and at the workforce member-level. In terms of metrics, these deliverables resulted in 10 million potential impressions and the content being posted on hundreds of websites—that’s a lot of reach! 

Here are some highlights from our infographics and tip sheets:

This year, again, we will be creating new deliverables for National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), Data Privacy Day (DPD), and Stay Safe Online.  Our next set of deliverables will be for NCSAM this October. We will be posting them to  That said, you can find all of our privacy and security awareness deliverables at

Please join us in our social media conversation with #CyberAware during the month of October and year-round to help increase awareness in our healthcare sector!

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