HIMSS Releases 2017 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey

HIMSS recently released its 2017 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey, available at www.himss.org/hitsecurity.  In our survey report, we explore how our respondents are reacting to the new cyber threat landscape, what their challenges are, and what their priorities are for the future.  In this survey, we also look into how chief information security officers are making a difference by leading cybersecurity efforts at their organizations.

Updates from NH-ISAC

This week’s updates provide timely legal and regulatory information and other topics of interest to the healthcare sector.

NH-ISAC starts weekly informational blog

In an effort to provide timely legal and regulatory information and other topics of interest to the healthcare sector, NH-ISAC has started a weekly newsletter-style blog, called Hacking Healthcare.  There will be two versions of this weekly newsletter: the public version or a more technical, TLP Amber, version available to NH-ISAC members only.

Find Hacking Healthcare blog herehttps://nhisac.org/nhisac-alerts/nh-isac-blog/


“It’s not who’s first… it’s who puts the industry first.”(NH-ISAC White Paper)

This white paper addresses the importance of information sharing in the recent cyber attacks Wannacry and Petya/NotPetya.  In times of cyber crisis, it is imperative for all enterprises to understand what the indicators of compromise (IOCs) are, how the malware works and spreads, and ultimately what controls are effective.

Read the white paper entirely here:  https://nhisac.org/announcements/nh-isac-white-paper-not-whos-firstits-puts-industry-first/

NH-ISAC Seeks to Inform the Healthcare Industry with Cybersecurity Best Practices
NH-ISAC is proud to offer educational workshops to healthcare organizations across the globe.  These workshops are educational opportunities for healthcare organizations to become more proactive in their security stance by protecting their patients, customers and employees against cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. 

Visit https://nhisac.org/events/ to find a list of our upcoming events.