HIMSS Responds to National Cyber Incident Response Plan

On the final day of Cybersecurity Awareness Month HIMSS responded to the Department of Homeland Security’s Draft National Cyber Incident Response Plan (NCIRP).  HIMSS strongly supports the basic principle in the NCIRP, that education and readiness are shared responsibilities to ensure greater public awareness against cyber-attacks.

With the goal of making sure the NCIRP remains relevant into the foreseeable future HIMSS offered comments in three categories:

  • The dimensions of potential cyber threats
  • Clarification on what a significant cyber incident is
  • The rise of artificial intelligence as a means for cybersecurity defense

In the letter HIMSS noted that the new Cybersecurity Hub at the HIMSS Innovation Center in Cleveland, Ohio, was set up to address the need for cybersecurity education for health stakeholders.  The letter also brought attention to the HIMSS recently released Call to Action to highlight the need for healthcare to support the use of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to create a privacy and security framework that is scalable for a wide range of health-related organizations.

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Karen Groppe