HIMSS Seeks Research Partners to Accelerate Global Health Insights and Understanding

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HIMSS is creating a global research group to produce a transformative report on the current state of health information and technology and the priorities, trends and challenges that will define the path ahead.

Through a global open call for participants, HIMSS invites interested parties to submit their expertise to join the newly formed Health Information and Technology Research Trust.

The Research Trust will gain from multiple health segments and global communities an understanding of challenges, opportunities and possible shared perspectives in health.

The Research Trust will address the following goals:

  1. Engage a target population to ensure responses are representative of cross-industry insights and opinions
  2. Uncover priorities and challenges on key topics related to the use of information and technology to improve health and wellness
  3. Identify themes defining the current state of affairs and build predictions based on trending topics for the upcoming year

Access the submission form to apply for consideration by Feb. 9. For additional information, contact Lauren Goodman, Director, Market Intelligence, at lauren.goodman@himss.org.

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