HIMSS Statement on House Budget Chairman, Rep. Tom Price

HIMSS congratulates House Budget Chairman, Rep. Tom Price, on his nomination as the next Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. As a physician, Chairman Price is uniquely aware of the healthcare challenges facing our nation. He has been an advocate for utilizing health IT to improve health outcomes for patients, while decreasing unnecessary burden on providers. 

HIMSS anticipates the same straightforward, thoughtful approach during his tenure at HHS, where he will be responsible for implementing value-based care delivery solutions and advancing medical research and care delivery models that produce 21st century results. 

During our many engagements with Chairman Price at HIMSS conferences and meetings, and as a congressional supporter of the HIMSS Foundation’s Institute for e-Health Policy education sessions on health IT solutions, we have found Chairman Price to be an advocate and an ally to those transforming healthcare. 

We look forward to working with Chairman Price as he outlines and leads the Trump Administration’s healthcare agenda.

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