HIMSS Weighs In on the Changing Landscape in Healthcare

HIMSS participated in the Healthcare Access campaign that appeared on Sept. 29 in USA Today. This special promotional section focused on educating readers and decision makers on healthcare  advancements that have led to increased access, quality, and safety in the nation's healthcare system.

The campaign focused on a range of topics, including:

  • price transparency;
  • generic drugs as a low-cost alternative to brand names;
  • the important role played by pharmacy benefit managers in keeping prescription costs low; and telemedicine.

Carla Smith, MA, FHIMSS, CNM, executive vice president, HIMSS North America, joined three other leaders on a panel for the campaign with panel members from Mental Health America, The National Organization for Rare Disorders, and the National Business Coalition on Health.

Panel members answered 5 questions:

1.Discuss one resource that could change the shape of healthcare access.

2.Why is access to healthcare an ongoing problem?

3.What remedies are needed to increase healthcare access and outcomes?

4.Why do we spend so much on healthcare and still have significant shortcomings in access and delivery?

5.How can we reduce the rising costs of healthcare?

This special section inserted into the newspaper in New York, Chicago, DC/Baltimore and Los Angeles reached +2 million readers via print and online. 

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