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HIMSS22 Europe Celebrates Healthcare Systems Validated at EMRAM Stages 6 and 7

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In the past decade, HIMSS has guided more than 3,800 European hospitals to their digital health transformation goals and celebrated their successes.

Germany, Italy, Spain and UK have led the European markets in adopting and implementing electronic medical records, with more than 45 European hospitals reaching Stages 6 and 7 on HIMSS’s flagship maturity model, the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM). This year, more organizations have earned the prestigious recognition by advancing health and wellness for their patients through digital transformation.

HIMSS invited the 17 newly validated healthcare systems to be recognized at the 2022 HIMSS European Health Conference & Exhibition in Helsinki, Finland. More than 2,300 healthcare leaders from across Europe attended the conference from 14-16 June. They shared objectives of improving population health outcomes and building more resilient, sustainable  health systems with data analytics and connected digital solutions at their core.

Many of the Stage 6 and 7 awardees attended the conference and participated in the award ceremony at HIMSS22 Europe. Toni Laracuente, Senior VP and Global Head of Analytics, and John Rayner, Digital Health Strategist, recognized their extraordinary achievements in digitally enabled, person-centric care at the welcome reception.

The HIMSS suite of digital health maturity models provide prescriptive frameworks for healthcare organizations to assess their current digital maturity status and a vendor-neutral roadmap for investment and digital deployment success. There are seven maturity models and one Digital Health Indicator in the HIMSS suite of digital health tools across all care delivery environments. EMRAM, modernized and expanded for today’s rapidly evolving technological capabilities, health consumer expectations and global standards in 2022 provides the foundation of the digital health ecosystem.

HIMSS Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model

EMRAM measures the maturity of EMR adoption across five focus areas to strengthen organizational performance and health outcomes across patient populations.

The internationally applicable EMRAM incorporates methodology and algorithms to score a whole hospital, including inpatient, outpatient and day-case services provided on the hospital campus. EMRAM assesses hospitals on their digital maturity, providing a detailed road map to digital transformation and high value, outcomes focused user adoption.

Congratulations to these organizations that achieved EMRAM Stage 7 validation in 2022:

  • Hospital Lusíadas Porto, Portugal
  • Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa, Portugal
  • Hospital de Cascais Doutor José de Almeida, Portugal
  • Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Great Britain
  • Nikiforov Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine, Russia
  • Radboudumc, Netherlands
  • Chase Farm Hospital, United Kingdom

Congratulations to these organizations that achieved EMRAM Stage 6 validation in 2022:

  • AUSL IRCCS - Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • IRCCS - Istituto Clinico Humanitas, Italy
  • OLVG, Netherlands
  • Ospedale di Vimercate, Italy
  • Sykehuset Østfold, Norway
  • Medius Klinik Nürtingen, Germany
  • Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, Great Britain
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital NHS, Great Britain

HIMSS Outpatient Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model

The HIMSS Outpatient Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (O-EMRAM) is used to assess EMR implementation for outpatient facilities of hospitals and health systems throughout the world. It guides the data-driven advancement of facilities through EMR technology.

Congratulations to the following organization that achieved O-EMRAM Stage 6 validation in 2022:

  • Luzerner Kantonspital, Switzerland

HIMSS digital maturity models provide standards and strategic frameworks that assist governments and healthcare providers in digital transformation of healthcare delivery. Focused on sustainable, meaningful improvements in clinical and operational outcomes of person centric models of care, HIMSS maturity models are the roadmap to use of information and technology for advancing health and wellness for populations everywhere. 

Digital Health Transformation

HIMSS has built evidence-based models and frameworks for the sole purpose of advancing health system capability. Whether your organization is looking to improve clinical outcomes, financial viability or operational efficiencies, this is your toolkit to drive healthcare forward.

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