HITPC Workgroup Holds 2-Day Hearing Focused on How Health IT is Supporting Delivery System Reform

On Tuesday and Wednesday, June 2 and 3, 2015, the Health IT Policy Committee’s Advanced Health Models and Meaningful Use Workgroup held a two-day hearing to discuss how health IT is being used across communities to enable advanced care models as well as the delivery system reform goals of a move to a more value-based care system.  More information about the hearing is available online.  

The public hearing featured three panels that focused on: how data is integrated across service delivery to support health for individuals; success stories on exchanging information across the continuum in support of interventions that focus on preventive care and wellness support for whole health and wellness for the individual; and, integrating care for individuals with complex, chronic conditions. 

The Workgroup is going to take the information that it gathered during the hearing and make recommendations to the full Policy Committee for consideration.  

Some of the key takeaways from the hearing included the importance of patient identification and matching and how critical that is when discussing health information exchange.  How to integrate different data sources focused on the social determinants of health, local social services, and community resources into care delivery also figured prominently into the discussion.  In addition, payment policies are important levers, and they need to be leveraged to help advance the move to more value-based care.  The idea of what patient health information can be shared, by whom, and under what circumstances needs to be clarified from a federal perspective as well as in the particular state that a provider operates.  Moreover, ensuring that the benefits accrue to the people that are making the investment in health technology needs to be fostered. 

Presentations from each the panelists as well as a recording of the day’s proceedings is available online.