How Nursing Informatics is Transforming Healthcare Today

Just as information and technology have combined to become integral parts of healthcare, so has the unique, hybrid role of the nursing informaticist. As these professionals properly facilitate the appropriate use of health information and technology systems, they have rapidly progressed to vital roles in transforming modern healthcare settings.

According to the HIMSS 2017 Nursing Informatics Workforce Survey, nearly half of respondents reported making a salary of over $100,000 in nursing informatics roles. In addition, 80 percent of 1,279 respondents indicated high satisfaction with their informatics career. This research demonstrates that these professionals are highly engaged in their crucial roles of helping develop, implement and optimize a variety of clinical applications and information systems that pave the way for more efficient, streamlined workflows in healthcare facilities.

The HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community and its workgroups have created a robust library of educational webinars to help nurse informaticists stay informed about the latest tools and resources and key health information and technology topics facing the industry. HIMSS members also have first-access to scholarly articles in the Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI), such as “The Right Balance – Technology and Patient Care.”

“…The informatics nurse is part of the delivery of care, the building of knowledge, skills, and the experience in the use of information technology. They often lead clinical informatics committee meetings that have a major influence for nurses in assisting them to coordinate all the multifaceted technology activities in regards to patient care, documentation and safety.”

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Informatics committees within healthcare settings have quickly become the glue that connects caregivers with vital learning resources and best practices for nurses and staff when implementing and using electronic documentation systems. These committees provide support and structure that help even the least tech-savvy individuals to navigate the new frontiers of health information and technology systems.

HIMSS is proud to support and partner with thousands of nursing informatics professionals by empowering them with the necessary knowledge and resources to improve patient care and ultimately advance their careers. OJNI is just one example of a freely available, state-of-the-art resource published by HIMSS.


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