How Our Culture of Inclusiveness Leads to Better Health

Every day, HIMSS strives to achieve our cause of achieving better health through the best use of information and technology. One core value that we live every day is to embrace all who share in our cause. We listen, we respect and we collaborate to achieve successful outcomes.

Above all, HIMSS must be credible. We embrace the value of involving all stakeholders in discussions; after all, there are numerous very thorny issues around the use of information and technology in the health sector. Who owns the data? To whom, and under what circumstances, should health information be available? What can we do about gender-based compensation gaps? How can technology enable the joy of practice, and reduce the burden on providers?

We go beyond talking about being inclusive. We walk the talk.

Here are a few examples:

  • HIMSS has a robust workforce development initiative to ensure an appropriately-sized pool for the health sector of qualified information, security, and technology professionals. Two tactics in our strategy involve veterans and those new to the field. Over the last several years, our Veterans Career Services and Early Careerist programs have actively sought, and championed, opportunities for veterans and new entrants to acquire the skills and relationships they need to secure rewarding jobs in digital health.
  • Achieving a diverse, qualified IT workforce in the health sector is a pivotal component in a positive transformation for the quality, safety, access, and cost-effectiveness of care – and maintaining wellness. In fact, this Tuesday, August 22, the Chairwoman of the HIMSS North American Board of Directors – Denise Hines – will be leading an educational webinar on maximizing minority voices of women in health IT. A diverse, qualified workforce enables a health organization to better understand the needs of the community it serves – cultural norms, socioeconomic realities, population health needs – because those workers represent families living in the community.

Efforts like these are only possible thanks to our vibrant volunteer culture. More than 23,000 marvelous volunteers dedicate countless hours to creating education, thought leadership, and resources so that others can benefit. In that work, we actively champion a broad-based stakeholder approach. We do our utmost to seek volunteers from numerous employer settings, professional disciplines, and health-related points of view to ensure that our work is balanced and relevant. We seek out voices not currently represented in the HIMSS milieu, and welcome them to enrich our conversations.

Together, we embrace the collaborative cause of achieving better health through the best use of information and technology. Do you have an idea about how we can be more inclusive to advance our cause? We would love to hear from you. United, thanks to an inclusive, representative, and vibrant community, we can positively transform the future for us all.