How Students in Health IT Can Define the Future of Transformative Care Today

HIMSS is excited to announce the 2017 launch of the inaugural HIMSS Student Case Competition, Defining the Future of Transformative Care Today.

The new student case competition is an engaging opportunity for undergraduate, graduate, residents, or Fellows to advance their knowledge of health IT through a valuable, hands-on experience.

Purpose and History

Participants will work together in interdisciplinary teams, analyzing a unique case study supplied by HIMSS. Students will apply recommendations which support up-to-date health IT practices involving transformative care, as well as recommendations with advocacy outreach at both the Federal and State level. Throughout this valuable learning experience, students will gain hands-on knowledge to apply to their emerging careers in health IT.

The competition was established to honor the late Marc Holland, former vice president of HIMSS Analytics and a dedicated team member who devoted his life to his own unique role in the transformation of healthcare through information and technology. Holland’s legacy lives on through the HIMSS Student Case Competition and its participants who shape the future of health IT.

Terms of Eligibility

Ready to form a team and put your health IT skills to the test? Teams (of no more than three) must meet the criteria below:

• Currently enrolled in a part or full-time academic program in health informatics or related healthcare discipline at a United States Department of Education accredited school.

• Ability to travel to HIMSS18 Annual Conference & Exhibition to present the findings of the case study with your team.

• Cannot employed by HIMSS or serving on a HIMSS board.

• If selected as a winning team, winners are required to contribute two pieces of content about their experience in the competition.


The online application form will require the following information:

• a completed application using the online form;

• a brief biographical sketch that demonstrates why the team should be considered for the selection as a Case Competition applicant (200 words or less);

• supporting Documentation.

Judging Criteria

Teams will be judged upon the following criteria:

Definition of the Future State. Analyses should demonstrate the team’s understanding of the current state of the health information technology perspectives found in the organization, why changes need to occur, and provide insights into how to achieve this goal of ensuring that this organization is successful past 2018.

Technology. Based on the definition of the future state, analyses will include recommendations of the technology and policy needed to transform care and a justification for the types of technology identified.

Processes. Based on the technology recommended, analyses should include the impact to workflow, people, workforce, current designs, redesigns, etc., in ensuring that the future state is achievable beyond 2018.

Value. Realizing value is critical in today’s health IT environment. Responses should include an alignment of strategy to value by showing the achievement of both quality and financial metrics.

Advocacy. The impact of healthcare goes well beyond the local community. Responses should include perspectives on how to engage public policy perspective from both the State and the Federal perspective for the transformation of this organization’s health IT agenda to a beacon, representing a benchmark for other organizations to follow.


The call for applications will open on Thursday, October 5, 2017 and will close on Monday, November 20, 2017 at 11:59 PM ET. Competition winners will be notified in January 2018.


Interested in joining the student case competition and getting a head start on your journey in transforming health care? Apply now.

Questions about the student case competition? Contact for details.