How We Benefit from Getting our Genomes Sequenced

Parent measuring child

Health 2.0, a HIMSS innovation company, gave 11 emerging innovators the opportunity to unveil their products during the Launch! session at its recent Annual Fall Conference.

"There is no greater imperative than to move the needle in delivering comprehensive and meaningful solutions to health care's toughest challenges. The complexity facing healthcare calls for a creative ecosystem approach and we're proud of the Launch! platform we've built to showcase these innovations," said Indu Subaiya, co-founder of Health 2.0 and executive vice president at HIMSS.

The following is an excerpt from Launch! winner, Nebula Genomics, on the benefits of having your genomes sequenced.

When the first smartphones arrived, few people understood how they would change our reality. Today, our internet-connected mobile device maps our travel, manages our finances, delivers our dinner, and connects us to every corner of human knowledge. In less than a generation, it has become almost an extension of our central nervous system — so indispensable that we can’t imagine leaving home without it to guide us.

We are about to embark on another journey even more important to every individual and to human society. We are entering the age of genomics, an amazing future that will dramatically improve the health outcomes of people across the planet. Soon, we won’t be able to imagine a time when we left home without knowledge of our genome to guide us. Read more


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