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HSS Utilizes a Truly Interdisciplinary Plan of Care to Improve Patient Outcomes

HSS Utilizes a Truly Interdisciplinary Plan of Care to Improve Patient Outcomes

HIMSS Analytics recognizes Hospital for Special Surgery for their status as a Stage 7 hospital, as tracked by the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) SM

At Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), core values such as excellence, teamwork and passion are the driving elements that help the organization evolve and maintain focus on continuous improvement for patients. The implementation of an integrated electronic medical record (EMR) allowed HSS to identify and make changes that would not have been possible previously; for example, allowing teams of practitioners to develop an even better Interdisciplinary Plan of Care customized to the needs of each patient.

Using EMR data, HSS was able to identify the clinical characteristics that are most influential on surgical pathways and a patient’s length of stay. With this knowledge, HSS practitioners structured a best practice course of care for key surgical procedures that can be delivered consistently to the right patient. The course of care is composed of specific goals that are visible to all members of the care team. Shared visibility of these goals allows interdisciplinary teams to coordinate work around the patient’s needs and ultimately create a more effective healthcare system. This data-driven teamwork has produced significant improvements to key measures, such as patient pathway adherence and length of stay. In the future, HSS will leverage new data made available through this effort to further optimize care plans and deliver best practice musculoskeletal care to even more patients.

During this time of change and improvement, HSS’s patient satisfaction and engagement indicators, as evidenced by Press Ganey and employee engagement scores, have continued to improve. The adoption and ongoing use of the EMR has truly been embraced by the organization and has had many measurable benefits.

HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 Validation

HIMSS Analytics is proud to recognize The Hospital for Special Surgery for their recent validation as a Stage 7 hospital, based on the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM SM).

“The Hospital for Special Surgery has realized the value of data having reached a Stage 7 level of maturity in their EMR. HSS has an excellent start on data governance and continues to enable clinical excellence through the use of data,” stated Philip Bradley, regional director, North America, HIMSS Analytics.

“HSS is extremely proud of the HIMSS Stage 7 recognition,” said Jamie Nelson, senior vice president and chief information officer, HSS. “It validates our culture of excellence and mission to provide the highest quality of patient care. Implementing our EMR was just the beginning. Continuous optimization efforts allow us to leverage the system to transform care delivery and achieve excellent patient outcomes. The strong partnership between clinical leadership and IT has fostered the recognition of the EMR as a clinical tool versus an IT tool. We look forward to utilizing the EMR to its fullest potential as we continue on our digital journey to innovative patient care.”

HIMSS Analytics will recognize Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) at the HIMSS18 Global Conference, held from March 5-9, 2018, at the Venetian-Palazzo-Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nev. 


About Hospital for Special Surgery

HSS is the world’s leading academic medical center focused on musculoskeletal health. At its core is Hospital for Special Surgery, nationally ranked No. 1 in orthopedics (for the eighth consecutive year) and No. 3 in rheumatology by U.S. News & World Report (2017-2018). Founded in 1863, the Hospital has one of the lowest infection rates in the country, and was the first in New York State to receive Magnet Recognition for Excellence in Nursing Service from the American Nurses Credentialing Center four consecutive times. An affiliate of Weill Cornell Medical College, HSS has a main campus in New York City and facilities in New Jersey, Connecticut and in the Long Island and Westchester County regions of New York State. In 2017 HSS provided care to 135,000 patients from 80 countries, and performed more than 32,000 surgical procedures. In addition to Patient Care, HSS leads the field in research, innovation, and education. The HSS Research Institute comprises 20 laboratories and 300 staff members focused on leading the advancement of musculoskeletal health through prevention of degeneration, tissue repair, and tissue regeneration. The HSS Innovation Institute was formed in 2015 to realize the potential of new drugs, therapeutics and devices; the global standard total knee replacement was developed at HSS in 1969, and in 2017 HSS made 130 invention submissions (more than 2x the submissions in 2015). The HSS Education Institute provides continuing medical curriculum to more than 15,000 subscribing musculoskeletal healthcare professionals in 110 countries. Through HSS Global, the institution is collaborating with medical centers worldwide to advance the quality and value of care, and to make world-class HSS care more accessible to more people.


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