Immunization Integration Program: Taking Immunization Workflow Mainstream

The Immunization Integration Program is a collaborative effort announced in a press release on March 3 at the HIMSS16 Conference & Exhibition. This program is supported by CNI Advantage, HIMSS and ICSA Labs. 

Health IT can increase the effectiveness of interventions that improve immunization rates using different technology applications. Working together, CNIADV, HIMSS and ICSA Labs will widely disseminate and gain user input on tools that will help both clinicians and developers incorporate immunization-related capabilities in software.

A goal of the program is to educate the healthcare community on the benefits of health IT in expanding immunization awareness, including best practices on the use of EHRs and other clinical software to increase and improve the effectiveness of interventions that have been shown to improve immunization rates.

To advance these goals, HIMSS is establishing the Immunization Integration Program Technical Advisory Panel to determine and execute methods for ongoing maintenance of immunization-related software capabilities, guidance, and test scripts. 

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