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“Access to fully integrated health information assists with the coordination of bed and room assignments in our large hospital.”


HIMSS Analytics recognizes Santa Clara Valley Medical Center for their validation as a Stage 7 hospital, as tracked by the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) SM

CHICAGO (October 18, 2017) - HIMSS Analytics congratulates Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) Hospital and Clinics for outstanding achievement and commitment to improving patient outcomes through health IT. SCVMC demonstrated ability and expertise in successfully achieving Stage 7 status, as tracked by the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) SM.

“We continue to do the right thing for the right reasons – and in this case, it is all about improving patient outcomes,” said Dr. Philip Strong, chief medical information officer, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. “Our medical staff has shown they understand the value of a comprehensive electronic medical record, and that they use the analytics the system provides to improve care, quality, safety, and efficiency.”

At Santa Clara Valley Medical Center – as well as many other medical facilities – patients often experience long wait times for follow-up; for instance, when expecting specialist referrals. Even in non-urgent scenarios, these instances can be a cause of worry and frustration for patients who are eager to schedule their appointments and receive the care they desire.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center recognized the importance of resolving this issue, and worked towards a solution with the implementation of their EMR. The updated technology allowed the organization to build out a more efficient process where a specialist in each department could receive consult requests daily, and provide immediate feedback to referring providers. As a result, the organization saw a 15% overall decrease in needed visits. This improvement shortened waiting times for appointments across various departments, and led to an improved patient experience.

“I am very proud of this achievement,” said Paul Lorenz, CEO of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. “It is about more than having the best technology. It is about using that technology in a meaningful way to provide quality care and improve patient outcomes.”

“Following Santa Clara Valley’s Stage 7 validation, the organization was able to enhance the patient experience with reduced wait times and quicker follow-up care,” stated Philip Bradley, regional director, North America, HIMSS Analytics. “HIMSS Analytics congratulations Santa Clara Valley for their outstanding achievements and commitment to improving patient outcomes through health IT.”


About Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

For over 140 years, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center has been an integral part of the public healthcare delivery system in Santa Clara County. Then, as now, our mission is to provide high quality care and excellent services to residents of our community. SCVMC is nationally recognized, with many of our departments – Burn, Rehabilitation and Cancer Centers, Emergency Department, Trauma and Stroke Programs, accredited by The Joint Commission or verified by the American College of Surgeons and the American Burn Association.

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