Increasing Economic Opportunity #NHITWeek

Increasing Economic Opportunity #NHITWeek

National Health IT Week (NHIT Week), October 8-12, is a nationwide awareness week focused on catalyzing actionable change within the U.S. health system through the application of information and technology. Virtually, in Washington DC and beyond, NHIT Week stakeholders collaborate towards actionable outcomes which demonstrate the power information and technology has to transform health in the U.S., and its wide-reaching global impact.

Increasing Economic Opportunity, the third pillar of NHIT Week, highlights the importance of a robust, diverse health IT workforce and health IT’s role in supporting economic growth.

Innovation that Sticks talks with Rachelle Blake, founder of Omni Micro Systems and Omni Med Solutions, who discusses the role of innovation in workforce development, tackling the world's nursing and physician shortages, why the year 2020 is so important to digital adoption in healthcare, and the commonalities across the globe toward adopting innovation.

Steps to Value talks with Lisa Suennen, managing partner at Venture Valkyrie, LLC, about the delicate balance between success and failure for healthcare and technology start-ups and the impact that intention has on creating companies that last.

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National Health IT Week | October 8-12

Healthcare Transformation | Access to Care | Economic Opportunity | Healthy Communities

Share your story, provide insights and help develop healthcare policy during NHIT Week – focused on catalyzing actionable change within the U.S. health system through the effective use of health IT.

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Increasing Economic Opportunity #NHITWeek