Indiana Opens Access to De-identified Medicaid Data in Hopes of Driving Smarter Data-driven Decisions

This past week, the state of Indiana made its Medicaid data publicly available to support better data-driven decisions in health care and demonstrate potential use in population health. The HIMSS Indiana Chapter, in partnership with private and public stakeholders, presented the 2017 Indiana Medicaid Data Challenge to leverage this unprecedented level and quality of de-identified healthcare information. The state’s Management Performance Hub (MPH) has been an integral part of state operations since 2014.  However, House Bill 1470, signed into law on May 2, 2017 with wide bi-partisan support is ensuring data-driven decisions are an integral part of the state’s future.  Chief Data Officer Darshan Shah, explained that by making 25 Medicaid claims data sets available along with other data sets, such as state data on the opioid crisis will help the break down silos and support state progress to improve policy making and health outcomes of its citizens. For more information on the challenge, click here.