Maturity Models

INFRAM: A Pathway to Infrastructure Maturity

INFRAM: A Pathway to Infrastructure Maturity

The HIMSS Analytics Maturity Models, including the EMRAM, the AMAM and the CCMM, have become the worldwide standard for measuring a healthcare organization's dedication to improving healthcare processes and outcomes through advancements in technology. Healthcare organizations everywhere have turned to these models for guidance as they increase their information and technology capabilities. That's why we're excited about our work on a brand new Maturity Model: the Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM).

INFRAM: Infrastructure Benchmarks to Drive Innovation

Similar to the EMRAM, the INFRAM measures the technical infrastructure setup in a health system. By identifying benchmarks for organizations to reach before they go live with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, the INFRAM ensures that the infrastructure is stable, manageable and extensible. There are five subdomains within the new model, including:

  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Collaboration
  • Transport
  • Data Center

The new model gives healthcare organizations a clear view of where they stand in terms of infrastructure architecture, provides a clear roadmap for increasing maturity, and ensures successful EMR adoption and other technical implementations. Like the EMRAM, the INFRAM can be used globally to improve patient safety, reduce operational costs and ensure better health for populations.

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