Innovation and the Shift Toward Value-Based Care

Adrian Zai, MD

Most healthcare providers understand that data and analytics are essential for quality improvement and operational efficiencies. And most realize that the shift to value-based reimbursement means they should probably rethink some of their care delivery processes and IT infrastructure, said Adrian Zai, MD, director of research at Partners Healthcare.

But too many are still either unwilling or unable to approach innovation with the gusto and strategy that could help them drive big improvements in their patient experience and bottom line.

"Innovation improves competitiveness, ROI and culture," said Zai. "It is critical to innovate now more than ever as we shift to value-based care."

Toward that end, he offered six tips for health systems looking to position themselves for success in the 21st Century world of accountable care.

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Watch Adrian Zai, MD, director of research at Partners Healthcare, talk about the importance of leadership buy-in and innovation support for improving analytics and other processes at hospitals during the last Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum.