Jump into Unconventional Ideas with Accelerate Health at HIMSS21

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HIIMSS21 offers a two-day exploration into Accelerate Health, a healthcare innovation forum that examines unconventional ideas, technologies and investments making waves in traditional care delivery systems.

On Aug. 11 and 12, attendees will be enriched with knowledge from health innovation leaders as they share how they are embracing disruption and challenging the status quo, getting a peek inside the mind of investors as they share their health information and technology market projections and portfolio plans. 

Catch healthcare leaders as they explore the following themes:

  • Disruption: Take a full scan of the state of digital health disruptors who are shaking up traditional healthcare interactions, how healthcare organizations are responding and what this means for the hospital tech stack of tomorrow. Plus, get up close and personal with real-use cases on groundbreaking healthcare innovations.
  • Partnerships and Emerging Collaborations: Hear deal-making and innovation insights from startups, VCs and corporate investors. Identify what it takes to design and grow a good strategic investment and how both sides measure success.
  • Data Evolution: From interoperability challenges to data misinformation, value-based care and consumer data ownership, examine major sticking points in unlocking the full potential of care.
  • Networking: Get to know the Accelerate Health community during designated networking breaks throughout the program.

Learn more about Accelerate Health.

Be the Change: HIMSS Global Health Conference

August 9-13, 2021

Join changemakers at HIMSS21—in person and digitally—as we reimagine health together through education, innovation and collaboration.

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