Key Takeaways: 2018 Quality Payment Program Final Rule and 2018 Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule

The Key Takeaways from the QPP and the PFS Final Rules include the following:

  • Reducing Clinician Burden Remains of Paramount Concern 
  • CMS is Intent on Continuing to Ease Clinicians into Meeting QPP Requirements with Bonus Points
  • CMS is Adding Several PFS Telehealth Codes and Easing Administrative Reporting Burdens but Telehealth Remains a Secondary Focus in QPP
  • Separate PFS Payment to be Made for a CPT Code that Describes Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Clinician Participation in the Advanced APM Track is Expected to Jump for 2018/2020 
  • Cost Becomes a MIPS Scoring Factor in the 2018 Performance Year
  • Virtual Groups Policy is Formalized for 2018
  • CMS Established an Automatic Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstance Policy to Address Hurricanes and Other Disasters in 2017

The HIMSS Review is available here.