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Missouri Health Connection, KHIN, SHINE of Missouri Finalize Data Sharing Agreement


Bringing resolution to a much needed issue for health data sharing in the Midwest, Missouri Health Connection (MHC) and the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN) [and its subsidiary KAMMCO Health Solutions (KHS) dba SHINE] executed a comprehensive data sharing agreement effective August 12, 2019.  MHC and KHIN are generally considered to be two of the largest health information exchanges in the nation and a data exchange relationship between both is an eminent sign of success for the health care providers in Missouri, Kansas and their contiguous states.  This partnership will serve over 20 million combined patients across Kansas, Missouri and the Midwest to help ensure that health care providers connected to either MHC or KHIN will have access to a comprehensive health record that includes data aggregated from both health information exchanges.

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