National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2015

HIMSS, in collaboration with NCSA, released a number of educational resources for National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2015. These resources included the following:

  • An infographic entitled, the “2015 Healthcare Organization's Guide to Keeping Information Safe and Secure” with tips for both healthcare organizations and their workforce members.
  • A tip sheet entitled, “Practical Tips for Safeguarding Information for Healthcare Organizations” with enterprise-level tips for healthcare organizations.
  • A two-part podcast on risk analysis (Part 1), addressing and managing risks, and preparing for meaningful use and OCR HIPAA audits (Part 2).

These National Cyber Secure Awareness Month resources are offered to augment the training programs of healthcare organizations, as well as awareness and understanding of these topics by their staff. Workforce members of these healthcare organizations must take part in ongoing training at regular, periodic intervals. Training should include everyone, regardless of whether the workforce members are completely new to the organization, seasoned employees, volunteers, or contract support staff. Workforce members need to be educated on the healthcare organization’s policies, procedures, and compliance requirements (such as with HIPAA and other state and federal laws and regulations, as applicable).

Everyone needs to do their part in keeping healthcare information safe and secure, regardless of role and title. Together, we can help build a more resilient healthcare sector with fewer data breaches and data loss.

Previous National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Data Privacy Day, and Stay Safe Online Resources can be accessed at

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