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Nearly every day I see a new term or acronym that I have to look up. Technology is rapidly advancing, and at the same time, healthcare is transforming. The merger of these two areas of focus is constantly creating new concepts, initiatives and organizations. And while Google is a great resource, its scope and structure isn’t specifically focused on health IT.

If you are working in a health information technology role, the HIMSS Dictionary of Health Information Technology Terms, Acronyms, and Organization is just what you need. HIMSS has been publishing this key resource since 2006, and given this rapidly changing environment, the new fourth edition is a timely update.

While the past three years seem to have flown by, it’s still surprising to discover the influence of technology on terms already in common use. Ransomware, robotics, APIs, precision medicine, APMs, and IOT (Internet of Things) each represent emerging technologies that are impacting health and care. At the same time, the healthcare environment is rapidly shifting its primary focus from illness to wellness, patients to consumers, EHRs to apps, data to analytics, and fee-for-service to value. Yet one thing remains constant—the use of acronyms in healthcare is pervasive!

Publication of the fourth edition of HIMSS HIT Dictionary is timely for helping us navigate this new and evolving space. This resource, which advances HIMSS’s mission of leading healthcare transformation through the best use of health IT, will first be available at HIMSS17. For those of you that want to get in the queue now, pre-orders can be processed on-line.

Frequently, members tell us that the HIMSS HIT Dictionary is kept nearby on their desktop, becoming dog-eared with regular use. Whether it’s a new organization, term, or acronym, this is THE reliable source. And for the first time, it includes search word capability, providing additional value through ready-access from your virtual work space.

If you’re a graduate student learning about innovation, a manager researching a proposal, or a health IT executive evaluating the best strategy, the HIT Dictionary is an essential resource to have at your virtual fingertips. As the innovative use of technology and analytics continue to impact health and care, I invite you to join me in enhancing your knowledge by taking advantage of this valuable tool.

You  can find the new dictionary at HIMSS17 Bookstore or order online.

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