New Alliance Focused on Best Practices for Mobile Health Applications

HIMSS aligns with three other organizations to form Excertia, a nonprofit corporation focused on developing mobile app guidelines

CHICAGO (December 13, 2016) – HIMSS joins with the American Heart Association, American Medical Association and DHX Group to form a multi-stakeholder organization known as Excertia. Announced (in a joint news release) at the 2016 Connected Health Conference at Gaylord National in the Washington, DC area, Excertia seeks to improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of mobile health applications (apps).

“The collaboration builds on each organization’s ongoing efforts to foster safe, effective and reputable health technologies, while complementing our mutual commitment to advancing innovation in medicine, and improving the health of the nation,” said Xcertia’s four founders in the news release. “Our combined expertise, along with a diverse membership, will leverage the insights of clinicians, patients and industry experts to help improve patient care and increase access to data.”

Xcertia’s membership and governing board will be open to broad representation to those interested in development of guidelines for mobile apps. In addition, these guidelines will support consumer and clinician choice of mobile health apps.

Secure, real-time access to accurate electronic health information gives consumers, patients, and clinicians the knowledge needed to make informed health-related decisions. As a founding organization of Xcertia, HIMSS extends its commitment to improving health and healthcare through the best use of IT by championing the creation of guidelines for mobile health apps.  With safe, effective, and reputable mobile health apps, clinicians, caregivers, consumers, and patients can better manage care, and maintain their wellness.
Carla Smith, MA, FHIMSS, CNM, executive vice president, HIMSS.

Visit www.excertia.org for more information.