New Kids on the Block: 3 Key Takeaways for Incumbents Confronting the New Players in Healthcare

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The healthcare industry is at a boiling point; spending has increased decade after decade while patient outcomes have remained stagnant and revenues and margins continue to fall. New models of care have failed to “stick” and both public and private hospital systems are struggling to strategize around an uncertain future.

Enter giant organizations who all believe they are uniquely positioned to enter the previously abstruse healthcare market and leverage their experience and tech stack to solve some of the biggest and most ubiquitous problems plaguing our system, and in doing so, capture a piece of the growing $9.6 T market.

How can health systems, payors, and other incumbent stakeholders self-disrupt before the status quo is changed and the traditional model begins to fail as it has across so many other industries post-disruption?

Earlier this month Healthbox hosted a select group of stakeholders from across the industry to explore this question and discuss the implications of the inevitable collision course we have already begun to witness. While the future remains uncertain, there are key themes and takeaways that arose from these thought leaders.

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