New ONC Rule Announced at HIT Policy Committee Meeting

During this week’s Health IT Policy Committee meeting, Dr. Jacob Reider announced the release of ONC's anticipated final rule on 2015 certification, which has been renamed to the 2014 Edition Release 2 EHR Certification Criteria. The rule, discussed later in the meeting, includes newly adopted and modified certification criteria and a rationale for the new approach following the proposed rule, released in February 2014. ONC noted that the smaller scope of the final rule is a signal, indicating ONC’s regulatory approach for EHR certification going forward. Rulemaking will be annual, they said, and more gradual to allow industry the time to adjust.

The committee also received recommendations from the NwHIN Power Team on query, and draft recommendations from the JASON Task Force, as presented to the HIT Policy Committee last. The NCPDP Real Time Benefit Check Analysis Task Group provided a briefing to committee members as well.