NHIT Week Day Five: Wrapping Up a Successful Week with Symposiums, Forums and Playbook Demos

NHIT Week is coming to a close today. Thanks to the many thought leaders, advocates, industry partners and chapters that have hosted education programming, award presentations and webinars throughout the week.  

Our efforts, your efforts, have been recognized and have helped catapult our mission of transforming health and healthcare through  IT. Be proud of what you have done this week!

Today’s activities include:

6th Annual Privacy & Security Forum

The Southern California Chapter of HIMSS is delighted to announce our morning keynote presentation with Lisa A. Gallagher, managing director, PwC|Health Industries Advisory, Cybersecurity and Privacy, PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Services LLC.

2016 Joint Symposium

Once again, the Houston HIMSS Chapter and HFMA Texas Gulf Coast have teamed up to present an exciting breakfast event: Using Business Intelligence to Improve Performance. Please join  speakers and panelists as they cover a full spectrum of IT strategies and operational efficiencies.

Nursing Informatics Certification Review Course

Join the Greater Illinois Chapter of HIMSS for  the upcoming certification review course. This course is intended to assist in preparation for the ANCC Informatics Nursing Certification exam. The course will be interactive to help  those attending best prepare to sit for the exam.

Florida Patient Look-Up service Webinar

The Patient Look-Up (PLU) service allows participating healthcare organizations to query for patients’ medical records. Learn how querying for records helps to support providers’ decision making process.

The Future of Health Data Sharing: Giving Consumers Private and Portable Access to Their Own Medical Records

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation will host a panel discussion about the future of medical data sharing and the steps Congress and the next administration can take to:

  • reduce health information blocking,
  • give consumers access to their medical data and
  • fully realize the benefits of the health information revolution.

Social Video Event: #HITsm #NHITweek #Firetalk Blab with @MichaelGaspar @RasuShrestha @wareFLO

Please join this  public group video chat about National Health IT Week with @MichaelGaspar @RasuShrestha @wareFLO.

Health IT Playbook Demo

Register to join this public demonstration of ONC Health IT Playbook.


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