Nominations Open: HIMSS Most Influential Women in Health IT Awards


I am delighted to share that through August 28, 2017, we are welcoming nominations for the HIMSS Most Influential Women in Health IT Awards. Our Award is unique, as it is inclusive of women around the world influencing digital health at all stages of a career trajectory – executive, management, worker, entry-level, and student – not specific job titles, or precise levels of achievement.

At HIMSS17 in Orlando, Fla, we recognized our first cohort of award recipients, seven women from across the globe who represent and help fulfill the HIMSS vision to improve health with the best use of IT. Combined, these women have demonstrated substantive dedication and determination to improve the health status of populations, and to use IT to improve the delivery, safety, quality, affordability of, and access to, care.


HIMSS’s Research on Workforce Compensation

HIMSS’s research on workforce compensation, specifically the compensation for women in health IT, exposed a significant gender pay gap for women in health IT.

Just a year ago, HIMSS published the results of this longitudinal study on compensation of women and men in the US health IT marketplace. The data come from self-reported responses to our biennial compensation study covering the years 2006-2015. We found:


  • on average, women health IT workers have consistently been paid less than their male peers.
  • the gap between male and female compensation rates has widened in the past decade (2006-2015).


Read Carla Smith’s blog series on the gender pay gap in health IT:

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As a person who has spent more than 25 years in this field, the data ignited a spark; one that required attention and action. HIMSS has built a strong and robust multi-gender interactive community in health IT that includes education, awards and professional connections for, and among, influential women in health IT. We are working on new research that will be released Q1 2018 on this topic, as well.


"Women face a gender wage gap globally making only 77% of what men earn.” World Economic Forum, 'Ten Years of the Global Gender Gap', Report Highlights (2015).

The HIMSS Most Influential Women in Health IT Awards program is both a recognition program and a catalyst for change. For example, some of the 2016 award recipients serve as judges for this year’s nominations, as does our FY18 Chair of the HIMSS North America Board of Directors, Denise Hines, DHA, PMP, FHIMSS. Denise brings her valuable experience and insights as an African American health IT executive to the conversation.



To establish a more diverse and well-compensated workforce of both men and women, HIMSS is well underway with its multi-year plan to increase gender and racial parity in the digital health workforce. For example, we publish a free monthly Women in Health ITenewsletter, which we encourage all to subscribe to. And, we welcome all to opt-in to HIMSS’s Women’s Roundtable. Registration is now open for our August 22 Roundtable “Maximizing Minority Voices of Women in Health IT” at 11am ET. Additionally, the archives from past Roundtables are on our Women in Health IT channel.



Until Aug. 28, the nominations are open for the Most Influential Women in Health IT Awards. Think about the women you know whose daily and lifetime efforts focus on improving health and healthcare with the best use of IT. Then, take a moment and review the award’s criteria.

Now, please visit our Awards page to nominate a female digital health leader.