ONC Sponsors Development of White Paper on PGHD Policy Framework

On Tuesday, January 10, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) released a White Paper from Accenture Federal Services that contributes to the development of an overall policy framework for patient-generated health data (PGHD).  ONC contracted with Accenture Federal Services to inform the policy framework and identify the key opportunities and challenges for realizing the potential of PGHD use.  The paper also offers relevant enabling actions that could further enhance PGHD capture, use, and sharing for health care delivery and research in the US.

ONC has identified PGHD as an important issue for advancing patient engagement and initiated a series of activities to gain more information about its value and approaches to implementing it. They are working to determine how PGHD can be collected in a way that protects the patient and the integrity of the patient record, maximizes the provider-patient relationship, builds confidence among providers and researchers to use these data, and encourages individuals to donate their health data for research.

ONC will partner with Accenture team to conduct  two pilot demonstrations to test implementation and further refine the topics identified in the paper.  The draft paper is currently being considered by the joint Consumer Task Force of the Health IT Policy and Standards Committees and is available for public review and comment.  

A final version of the white paper, informed by the pilot demonstration results and public comment, will be completed in Fall 2017.