A Perfect Storm of Innovation

Four amazing healthcare events in five days.  From Oct 22 to Oct 26 at the HIMSS Innovation Center in the Global Center for Health Innovation, a perfect storm of healthcare innovation will occur.

This week will be an action-packed five days on health IT, innovation, cybersecurity and networking. Consider taking part in any or all of these exciting events and opportunities.


Cleveland Medical Hackathon

On Oct 22 and 23, the 2nd Annual Cleveland Medical Hackathon (#clemedhack)  will take place in the HIMSS Innovation Center bringing together doctors, nurses, researchers, public health workers along with IT professionals over an intense 24-hour period. Hackathon teams will identify challenges, propose solutions, and work on technological solutions that are poised to transform healthcare.

The Cleveland Medical Hackathon themes follow four tracks that guide hackathon participants to create technological solutions: 

  • Access Redesign,
  • Care Redesign,
  • Payment Redesign and
  • Transformations in Public Health.

The 2016 Cleveland Medical Hackathon centers on the transformation of healthcare and its related systems.  What role can technology play in not only improving our care, but alter fundamentally how we access it and make it affordable?  HIMSS subject matter experts will be speaking on two important health IT initiatives: Interoperability and Cybersecurity.

Cleveland Medical Hackathon teams will present their solutions for cash prizes and an opportunity to discuss their findings the very next day at the 14th Annual Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit.

Last year’s event produced 21 unique innovative concepts and solutions – each one addressing a different area of healthcare – including public health. These creative collaborations further validated the community spirit and continues to move the needle forward. 

Note that there is no registration fee for participants.  Register here.


2016 Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit

The 2016 Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit (#MIS2016) is on Oct 24 -26. HIMSS Innovation Center Collaborator Cleveland Clinic Innovations brings the Medical Innovation Summit to the Global Center, as healthcare professionals and stakeholders come together to further innovation in healthcare.  The Summit includes engaging and stimulating panels, discussions with CEOs from various businesses – including small, medium, large and mega.  

On Monday, Oct 24, HIMSS Executive Vice President Carla Smith, MA, FHIMSS, CNM, will be on a panel to discuss the state of healthcare innovation. This event also features leadership from fellow Global Center tenants Siemens, Cleveland Clinic and Cardinal Health.

Cleveland Clinic Innovations is a HIMSS Innovation Center Collaborator, and now, at their booth in the Technology Showcase, visitors can watch the “Top 10” Medical Innovations of 2016.


Unveiling of the HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub

On Tuesday evening, Oct 25, at the HIMSS Innovation Center, HIMSS will host a reception and unveil the new HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub.  Visitors will step inside this interactive space and access the most current viewpoint of the continuously changing cybersecurity landscape.

The multi-sensory journey demonstrates:

  • how various points of care connect through electronic data,
  • what security risks can be encountered, and
  • why/how the latest solutions can mitigate risk.

As we are all are aware, healthcare information systems are continually being attacked by cyber criminals.  These attacks include data breaches, phishing and ransomware, which are the three areas interactively demonstrated and explained in the HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub.


RSVP now and join us on Oct.25 for the opening of HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub from 5:30 – 7 p.m. EDT at the HIMSS Innovation Center. 


Summit Healthcare Day

On Wednesday, Oct 26, at the HIMSS Innovation Center, HIMSS will host the 14th Annual Security Summit Week’s Healthcare Day titled “Security in Healthcare: Strength of Collaboration.” The agenda includes presentations by nationally renowned keynote speakers discussing the latest HIPAA security law updates, certification in Internet of Things and medical device cybersecurity as well as security considerations for mobile and cloud-based storage. More than 20 vendors will showcase products and services throughout the day-long program and evening networking. 

HIMSS will be featuring two subject matter experts. In the morning session, Lee Kim, Director, Privacy and Security for HIMSS will be speaking on the topic of “Achieving Holistic Security with the Whole Organization0.”  In the afternoon session, John Sharp, Senior Manager, Consumer Health IT, Personal Connected Health Alliance at HIMSS will be speaking on the IoT and Personal Connected Health.

Also, this year two HIMSS Innovation Center Collaborators will be presenting. OnX Enterprise Solutions, Derly M Gutierrez III will be speaking on “Antivirus Suites are DEAD!”.  Jamey Ramsey from Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP will be speaking about “Key Lessons From Recent Healthcare Breaches”.

The day will conclude with an Xceptional Networking Reception at HIMSS where the healthcare, cybersecurity and IT professionals in attendance will be able to compile and share information from the day’s activities with their colleagues, key opinion leaders and other industry experts.

This event will occur the day after the unveiling of the HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub and tours of the Global Center for Health Innovation, HIMSS Innovation Center and the HIMSS Cybersecurity Hub will be ongoing throughout the day.


Predicting the winds of innovation

From my perspective here at the HIMSS Innovation Center, I would predict the winds of innovation and collaboration will be at gale forces during the last week of October 2016. The winds of change during and coming out of this perfect storm will continue to positively impact the healthcare landscape.

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