Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA) Honors Walgreens with First Digital Health Innovation Award

WASHINGTON, DC (November 10, 2015) -- The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA) presented Walgreens with its first Digital Health Innovation Award today during the 7th annual mHealth Summit. Walgreens is recognized as the first retail pharmacy to launch mobile telemedicine strategies. The award was accepted by Adam Pellegrini, Walgreens divisional vice president of digital health.

At Walgreens, Pellegrini leads the development of new products, services and drives digital medication adherence, deploying best-in-class digital innovations around mHealth, wearables, telemedicine and remote monitoring. His team at Walgreens has been recognized by Forbes as the leaders in Digital Health for 2014, and helped create a digital platform, Balance Rewards for healthy choices, rewarding healthy habits.

"Walgreens digital health team, spearheaded by Adam, has been a leader in creating and deploying industry-setting mobile experiences, and is a pioneer in the use of innovative mobile and connected health technologies to improve the health and wellness of Walgreens customers," said Rich Scarfo, vice president, Personal Connected Health Alliance at HIMSS, and director of the mHealth Summit. "We could think of no better or more deserving team to receive our first Digital Health Innovation Award."

The Walgreens team has achieved a number of milestones including the launch of Balance Rewards for healthy choices, the largest connected health platform with more than 800,000 participants and over 400,000 connected devices and apps. This team also established the first-of-its-kind relationship between WebMD and Walgreens offering digital coaching at no cost, as well as the first connected device application that seamlessly finds and connects to the Walgreens Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring devices.

About the mHealth Summit

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About the Personal Connected Health Alliance

The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA), a global, non-profit membership association formed by Continua, mHealth Summit and HIMSS, to transform healthcare through personalized, interoperable connected health solutions, and engage consumers with their health. PCHA focuses on three areas of activity: technical leadership, publishing the Continua Design Guidelines, an open implementation framework for interoperability of personal connected health devices and solutions; education, convening the mHealth Summit, the largest event exploring mobile, telehealth, and connected health technologies and their global impact; and advocacy, creating favorable markets and regulatory climates for connected health around the world and advocating for standardization to enable the free exchange of healthcare data across systems. Visit www.PCHAlliance.org.  

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