Perspectives on Global Nursing Innovation #Nurses4HIT

Clinician and a patient with a wearable

As a nursing informatics specialist, the journey to build a body of knowledge and wisdom has been a winding path through travel, experiences and education. Over the last two years, I’ve travelled extensively to understand the global needs of clinicians and the variations of the patient experience from:

In the last few years, technologies have advanced at an unbelievable pace. As a clinical innovator, my tenet of practice sustains, shares, validates and reviews new technologies helping clinicians improve patient outcomes, and as a result, the patient experience.

Social media allows for online introductions of tools and communication, which aid in partnership with e-patients seeking like-minded collaborators who can help decipher and transform new information to knowledge. The experience of traveling to different countries bridges the connection from online to offline, enables tactical interaction with tools and emphasizes the power of human connection that nurses bring to the forefront.

Watch Danielle Siarri talk with HIMSSTV about nursing informatics and new expectations for 21st Century RNs.

Predictions and Interests

My areas of interest are the user experience, encompassing:

  • Blockchain as a tool
  • Augmented reality
  • Artificial intelligence

Blockchain was implemented as a tool into healthcare several years ago in the electronic health record in Estonia. Blockchain technology requires a unique identifier. In the U.S., we do not have a truly unique national identification framework – posing a challenge in the U.S. market with these new solutions.

Applications of augmented reality range from solutions for mental health patients to clinician training for surgical body mapping prior to first incision – the limit is just one’s imagination. There is also a wave of artificial intelligence implementations into healthcare, including:

  • Data analysis
  • Predictive analytics for patient outcomes
  • Chatbots to assist in triage
  • Use of robots in supply chain and comfort care for pediatrics and elder care

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