Program Director and Associate Professor

As an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in the life sciences and interested in the healthcare and public health, I was also interested in computer science and took a variety of courses in computer science. I was also aware that healthcare and public health were lagging behind in terms of adopting information technology and I really wanted to be able to contribute to accelerating adoption and leveraging technology to positively impact patient care, public health, overall quality and efficiency, and to reduce health disparities. 

I then pursued a degree in information science and went on to combine my interest in health and technology by pursuing a doctorate degree in health informatics.  As I pursued my doctorate degree I felt compelled to gain real world experience and training in public health informatics and completed a public health informatics fellowship program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Upon completing that fellowship, I returned to academia to complete my PhD while teaching health informatics courses at the University of Kansas Medical Center School of Nursing.  I thoroughly enjoyed teaching future practitioners in the field and decided to continue pursuing a career in academia. 

I currently work for the University of Cincinnati in a faculty and administrator role.  We launched a graduate program in health informatics at the University of Cincinnati in 2013.  The program is relatively new but the realization that informatics competency is essential for practicing clinicians and non-clinicians in healthcare and public health settings is not new.  We continue to advocate for health informatics training that applies and appeals to various interdisciplinary and interprofessional healthcare and public health audiences and have designed our curriculum to reflect this.  I believe our organization remains in the forefront of training future workforce.

About the Contributor

Victoria Wangia-Anderson, PhD, is Program Director and Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati and FY17 Co-Chair of the Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER) Committee