Realizing the Potential of Health IT: A HIMSS16 that Promises to Deliver

For one week in late February annually, stakeholders from across the global will convene to focus on all things health IT. Organized across the three conference pillars of education, exhibition, and networking, HIMSS16 promises to deliver on exceptional opportunities for all attendees.

How so might you ask?

From an educational perspective, Board appointed members of the HIMSS Annual Conference Education Committee (ACEC) work tirelessly to review, evaluate, and recommend those sessions that promise to deliver a compelling agenda. Based on a methodology that is continuously improving, our preconference and general conference education sessions are peer-reviewed collectively by over 200 reviewers. Once the scoring is completed, the ACEC meets for two days to review, discuss, and recommend the annual conference educational programming agenda. And prior to the ACEC meeting, I review every proposal received to ensure my understanding of the breadth and depth of the #healthIT conversation through presentations.

Once the sessions are scored and the conversations with our reviewers take place, the ACEC selects and recommends programming. And once session dispositions are communicated, the HIMSS Professional Development Team continues our rigorous process with the work of our “Session Ambassadors” who will work with each speaker to ensure that a quality session is delivered. After final slide decks are received, I personally review every deck to ensure that a session title supports it’s description and learning objectives and that other principles of adult education are met.

Our education is world class not only because of the diversity of our speakers but also because of our structured process involving hundreds of volunteers who all work to ensure quality programming to the best of our ability. And our education continues to be compelling because many attendees take the time to provide comments through session evaluations. Please know that we take your comments very seriously and affect change where we can and where it makes the most sense. Some of the more recent examples of evaluation comments implemented include the Preconference Pass (affectionally referred to as the Park Hopper Pass whereby attendees can move from one pre-conference symposia to another at no additional expense), session polling across all education sessions, more travel time between sessions, guidance from Edward Tufte, a pioneer in the field data visualization, and allowing more time for speakers and reducing our dependence on session moderators replaced by session ambassadors.

Education takes place on both the Exhibits Floor as well as through Networking. Our Exhibition Team works tirelessly to provide a world-class experience for our attendees. And my goodness, there are dozens of Networking events not to be missed. My favorites? The Opening Reception. And the Community Open House. And the Awards Gala. And the Women in Health IT Networking Event. And the list goes on!

We’re looking forward to seeing you at HIMSS16. Be sure to stop by the Speaker Ready Room in Titan 2205 and say “hello” to the Professional Development Staff. These are the folks who work tirelessly behind the scenes to deliver world class education.