Reduce Blood Product & Transfusion Errors through Positive Patient Identification (PPID)

HIMSS recognizes Miami Children's Health System as a 2017 HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award Recipient

CHICAGO (October 5, 2017) – Every year in the U.S., 21 million blood components are transfused. In every 12,000 blood transfusions, at least one error occurs. One in 12,000 may seem miniscule at a glance, but consider this additional statistic: every two seconds, a patient in the U.S. is in need of blood.

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, the flagship of Miami Children’s Health System, recognized the serious impact of blood product and transfusion errors. The organization set goals to

• improve the blood product and transfusion processes,

• increase patient safety,

• decrease patient length of stay, and

• reduce costs.

The organization implemented an application that integrates with their electronic health record (EHR) and supports patient safety through positive patient identification (PPID) at the patient’s bedside. Additionally, the organization monitored progress following a four-month project timeline that included weekly calls with the project team and oversight of system validation and integration testing by clinical project members.

In executing and achieving these goals, the organization

improved productivity and workflow through innovative barcode technology;

reduced blood transfusion errors by more than 50% during its initial stages (2014-2015);

reduced blood bank cycle time by an average of 35 minutes on every product; and

exceeded expectations for blood product waste, averaging $6,858 in the first quarter of 2017—far below the national average of approximately $35,000.

“The importance that digitization places on the patients and families in our care, from reducing costs, improving outcomes and service to our customers, inspired us to embrace a digitized healthcare workplace,” said Edward Martinez, senior vice president and chief information officer at Miami Children’s Health System. “We are honored to be recognized for our ability to adopt these platforms that foster excellence.”

HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence

HIMSS is proud to recognize Miami Children’s Health System for their achievement of the 2017 HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award.

The HIMSS Davies Award recognizes outstanding achievement of organizations that have utilized health information technology to substantially improve patient outcomes and value. The Davies Awards program promotes health information technology-enabled improvement in patient outcomes through sharing case studies and lessons learned on implementation strategies, workflow design, best practice adherence, and patient engagement.

“Miami Children’s Health System is a proven leader in using technology to enable improved pediatric care,” stated Jonathan French, CPHIMS, senior director, quality and patient safety, and director, Davies Award of Excellence Program, HIMSS. “The organization vastly improved patient outcomes through their focus on care initiatives, such as reduction of blood product and transfusion errors, and other achievements in patient care. HIMSS congratulates the team members of Miami Children’s Health System for their selection as a 2017 HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award Recipient.”

Miami Children’s Health System will be recognized at the HIMSS18 Awards Gala at Wynn Hotel Las Vegas on Thursday, March 8, 2018. Register for HIMSS18 here.


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