Remote Monitoring and Telemedicine’s Vital Role in Value-Based Healthcare

By Medtronic

Today’s sensor technology is gaining in popularity among consumers, with research suggesting that by 2018 81.7 million adults in the U.S. will use some sort of wearable technology.

From tracking fitness levels to monitoring blood glucose, consumer technology is literally putting the power of preventative medicine in the palm of a patient’s hand.

Healthcare for so long has been about delivering care in traditional care settings, but over time the needs of patients have changed as new technology has been developed.

“We’ve built our health systems around providing medical touchpoints and interventions in a traditional care setting,” said Jude Wimberger, Medtronic director of value-based healthcare strategy.

“A certain kind of value is inherent with today’s system and each of these touchpoints has led to innovations in treatment options and improved outcomes. But it’s not the kind of value that’s based on a patient’s journey across a continuum of care. And that’s what needs to change.”

So, how can we collectively shift care from traditional settings to everywhere outside the four walls of a healthcare facility to drive improved quality of care across the continuum?

Experts agree that finding tools and solutions that empower an individual to contribute to the system — outside of the clinic — will play a major role in both keeping costs down and driving better outcomes.

Leaders in chronic disease management can offer technology that senses, monitors and delivers solutions for patients both in and outside the hospital setting.

“By looking at treatment options and coordination across a care continuum, we can learn what a person needs and identify more efficient ways to get them access to the optimal care,” says Wimberger. “Through data, tools and increased care coordination, we can build efficient systems that are more patient-centric.”

“Focusing on value in this way has the potential to significantly reduce costs while the population prospers from smarter, connected healthcare.”

Remote monitoring and telemedicine can play a vital role in value-based healthcare, allowing on-demand delivery to bridge the divide to quality healthcare.

Tapping the right remote monitoring and telemedicine solutions can further empower patients, treat more disease states and develop systems for providers that reward outcomes over output.

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