Ribbons to Resume’

My uncle enlisted into the Air Force at the height of the Vietnam War, right out of high school. He was an excited, eager and determined young man ready to make a difference. Little did he know that his military service would affect many around him including an impressionable niece.

My uncle is the type of man who takes an enormous amount of pride in everything he does. I remember watching the effort he put into shinning his boots, polishing his belt buckle and making sure everything about his uniform was perfect. To this young girl, the most amazing thing about his uniform was the way he precisely displayed his ribbons. One day I asked him, “What’s so special about those ribbons?” My uncle, seeing my sincere interest, saw this as an opportunity to teach me a lesson. His response to me was “Baby, these are my achievements… resume.”

I grew up in a military family and was always surrounded by military culture. After graduating high school and going out on my own, I learned that many things are different in the civilian world. In the civilian world, a well-assembled resume is a key factor in landing a job. A resume is your “first impression” and remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

A resume tells your story. It incorporates your experience, training and education in 1-2 pages. It’s how we display our ribbons. If you need assistance with producing an effective resume, check out the HIMSS Veterans Career Services webinar series. Here you will find discussions that focus on military to civilian transition assistance and have a resume-help component. Check out: Resume’ Help for Military Transitions, Tips for Translating Your Military Experience into Civilian Careers, and MyCareer @ VA.

The health IT field is a rapidly growing industry. If your military clock is winding down, have you considered that healthcare information technology could be your next opportunity? If interested in learning more about this exciting career path, visit the HIMSS Veterans Career Services website.

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