The Role of Nursing and Nursing Informatics in Population Health

This is the second post in a blog series from nurse informaticists recognizing National Nurses Week.

The HIMSS CNO-CNIO Vendor Roundtable was founded with the purpose of optimizing health engagement and care outcomes through information technology (IT) by leveraging the thought leadership of health IT vendor nurse executive leaders.  The roundtable members serve as advocates and leaders for the nursing community and provide guidance on electronic health record-related topics, including analytics, interoperability, usability, terminology, workflow, quality and outcomes.

In December 2015, the roundtable formed the Population Health Management Workgroup, and we volunteered to co-chair this workgroup.

The workgroup recognized that the benefit nursing provides to the process of population health management is still not clearly defined or substantiated.

With this realization, the workgroup identified the following deliverables:

  • Define a model for approaching population health management
  • Understand the evolving role of the nurse and his/her contribution to population health management, including care management/coordination across the continuum of care
  • Outline how health IT can support the role of the nurse and the core processes required for population health initiatives

Over the course of 10 months, a subset of the Population Health Management Workgroup met monthly, then weekly, to define the best way to visually represent our deliverable - not only for the nursing executive audience - but for all nurses and healthcare stakeholders. The culmination of our work resulted in the following short video, which was unveiled at HIMSS17 in Orlando.

VIDEO:  Population Health Management – HIMSS CNO-CNIO Vendor Roundtable

We invite you to share this link with your healthcare colleagues and leadership.

As we reflect on our respective combined nursing and leadership careers, the journey has taken us a long way from providing direct patient care through nursing leadership, IT, informatics, care transformation, vendor, consulting and government roles.   Our tenure in this industry coupled with that of our esteemed workgroup colleagues gave us the depth and breadth of experience to collaborate and better understand the role of the nurse in population health management across all venues of care.

Our profession enables nurses to contribute to the health of the population in various provider and leadership roles, as we move from a fee-for-service delivery model to a value-based care model.  Nurses are crucial to the success of this transformation as patient advocates, care coordinators, coaches and managers.

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National Nurses Week 2017 is rapidly approaching with this year’s American Nurses Association theme of: Nurses: The Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.  It’s all about celebrating nurses who lead the charge for health and wellness, for themselves and the individuals they serve. 

This is exactly where population health management fits – keeping our patients healthy and helping them manage their health with us as partners in their care.  Our Population Health Management Workgroup’s theme focused on keeping the individual at the healthiest level of performance.

Congratulations to our nursing colleagues who are advocates in this ever-changing world and multi-faceted enabling technology environment! 

Celebrate National Nurses Week with HIMSS and attend the two complimentary webinars.

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National Nurses Week