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See the Best of Humanity at HIMSS21 Keynote with Rainn Wilson and Shabnam Mogharabi

Rainn Wilson and Shabnam Mogharabi

Facilitators Rainn Wilson and Shabnam Mogharabi of SoulPancake will guide HIMSS21 attendees through an interactive approach to what it means to be human at a HIMSS21 keynote session, with heartfelt dialogue designed to help achieve happiness and joy in personal and professional life.

Encouraging the Science of Happiness: An Experiment in Gratitude will take place from 8:30-9:30 a.m. PT Thursday, Aug. 12, in the Venetian Palazzo Ballroom.

SoulPancake is an organization that explores life’s biggest questions and promotes the best of humanity. The healthcare ecosystem is a challenging and complex environment, and it can be difficult to prioritize professional and personal happiness. But SoulPancake says it is possible.

How do you reset your level of purpose with continued pressures in today’s healthcare environment?  By exploring what really makes us happy, Wilson and Mogharabi will encourage fun and reflection, with a focus on the importance of being able to laugh at ourselves. All can aspire to achieve a true sense of joy in the support of better health outcomes and daily life. 

For nearly a decade, Rainn Wilson, SoulPancake founder, endeared himself to millions on the hit NBC sitcom “The Office,” earning three Emmy nominations for his portrayal of fan favorite Dwight Schrute, an eccentric paper salesman with big dreams of being No. 2. As a speaker, Wilson channels the offbeat brilliance behind his on-screen characterizations, showing audiences that creativity isn’t just for artists. It’s for everyone.

Mogharabi has more than 15 years of experience in media and entertainment building startups and organizations with an emphasis on digital content, social platforms, production and news media. As co-founder of SoulPancake, she was responsible for steering the company’s vision, safeguarding its mission and supercharging its growth past its current community of 10 million fans online and nearly 1 billion video views. She also advised SoulPancake’s parent company, Participant Media, and its board on strategic issues, acquisition opportunities, and the company’s social impact goals.

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