Setting a Solid Foundation for Any Nursing Informatics Role

HIMSS celebrates National Nurses Week with this blog series from nurse informaticists

The HIMSS Nursing Informatics Committee met in the fall of October 2016 to discuss the challenges faced in identifying the requirements for a nurse informaticist.  As the roles within the nursing informatics field are growing substantially, it is vital to have job descriptions that can be referenced for needed competencies.

This workgroup explored careers within nursing informatics to create standardized job descriptions for expansion and utilization of knowledge - from new nurses who want to learn about nursing informatics careers to existing nursing informaticists who want to broaden their career choices.

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To provide a foundational job description for nursing informatics, a diverse group of nursing informatics stakeholders and leaders across North America came together as leaders and nurse informaticists at various levels of our respective organizations, to ask questions and seek answers from our colleagues.  The workgroup met over several months via teleconference to construct a job description that could be leveraged and customized as necessary, yet, would serve as a solid foundation for any nursing informatics-related role. 

Creating a standardized nursing informatics job description was not easy. Imagine 30 nursing informaticists across the country who were challenged to create one job description that aligned with our current job titles. As the educational requirements, experience, and qualifications are constantly evolving, one can only imagine the difficulty of coming to a consensus between these highly experienced nurses.  

In the end, we landed on what we believe is a job description that will further the practice of nursing through technology.  As a group, we believe that these key qualifications and competencies are essential to identifying qualified candidates to transform the delivery of care leveraging technology.

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