Seven Reasons to Attend the Healthcare Security Forum

Reasons to Attend the Healthcare Security Forum

Cybersecurity in healthcare continues to be more imperative than ever as health information and technology become embedded into workflows. Just as you’d lock a file cabinet filled with your most valuable items, it’s important we embrace that same mindset with cybersecurity.

Healthcare providers, government, academia, providers, hospitals, health systems and beyond can learn about all of the latest cybersecurity need-to-knows at the Healthcare Security Forum, hosted by HIMSS.

Here are a few reasons to attend, in no particular order:

1. Get the latest updates on new and emerging cyber threats and how to combat them from experts and peers who have been there, done that.

2. Focus on solution-driven best practices by collaborating with peers who understand your challenges and walk away with actionable, pragmatic information.

3. Learn what you want to learn during breakout sessions where you can focus on what’s most important to your organization.

4. Learn strategies necessary to protect your organization as healthcare expands its digital footprint and increases access to accommodate consumerism’s growing impact on the industry.

5. Participate in an interactive think tank session which encourages participation and discussion.

6. Explore how to maximize your existing technology investments through interactive workshops and sessions.

7. Network, network, network; this forum provides more intimate networking opportunities for smaller groups to get questions answered that might not be as readily available in a larger event setting.

Healthcare Security Forum: Protect Your Organization

December 9–10 | Boston, Massachusetts

Get the latest updates on cyber threats, explore how to maximize your existing technology investments, hear best practices on creating a security-first culture; take away strategies to fill the gap in finding talented staff and learn how to create a resilient security framework.

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