Sharing Your #IHeartHIT Story

Sharing Your #IHeartHIT Story

#IHeartHIT is a year-long storytelling initiative that aims to shed light on the opportunities and impact health information and technology can have on improving health and how care is delivered.

#IHeartHIT stories take on greater significance during U.S. National Health IT Week where the industry convenes to celebrate progress and moves to activate policymakers and the industry at large to improve the health of populations. U.S. National Health IT Week takes place September 23–27 and your stories are the conduit for inspiring change.

Share Your Story

Stories have the power to humanize health information and technology. They inspire us to continue to innovate. They help us learn where we can leverage technology to provide empathy and care in a system that could benefit from a little bit more of both.

Using HIMSS's #IHeartHIT story submission form, your company blog or personal blog, publish a 300-word, non-promotional story and/or post a 60-second video using the following framework:

  • Do you or a loved one have a story that illustrates the impact or promise of health information and technology? Please share it with permission from respective protected parties.
  • What did you learn from this story that you would like to share with your peers?
  • In your words, why does or should this story matter to policymakers, providers, patients and technology developers working toward a healthier society via health IT?
  • In 280 characters or less, please include in your post why you are passionate about health IT: “#IHeartHIT because …”
  • Publish and/or submit the above with a corresponding (preferably 1200 pixel x 630 pixel) medium resolution image that you and HIMSS have permission to use.

HIMSS will highlight select stories before, during and after U.S. National Health IT Week.

If you post your #IHeartHIT story on a personal or company channel, please share the story using the #IHeartHIT and #NHITweek hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.


Upon story submission, participants acknowledge that HIMSS reserves the right to alter or refuse submissions based on substance, intent, grammar and/or absence of images. HIMSS will not alter facts or personal accounts of events to preserve story credibility. Self- or organizationally promotional submissions will not be accepted.

U.S. National Health IT Week

September 23–27

HIMSS’s U.S. National Health IT Week is an action week focused on supporting healthy communities through the application of information and technology. The week provides an opportunity for us to come together and take action to transform health in the U.S. and around the globe.

Make Your Voice Heard

Originally published August 7, 2017, updated September 9, 2019