Statement on House Passage of 21st Century Cures Act

HIMSS applauds the US House of Representatives for moving our nation a step closer to realizing the promise of 21st Century Cures. The bipartisan legislation passed today will enhance the US’s role as a leader in biomedical innovation, advance public health and ultimately result in better health outcomes for patients.

The bill clearly recognizes the foundational role of health IT as the electronic backbone of medical research and care delivery.  Over the past several months, work by the House and Senate to reach consensus on policies has resulted in a strong framework for health IT in support of 21st Century Cures. Key provisions include efforts to reduce reporting burdens on healthcare providers, clarify FDA’s role in regulating health IT to ensure advances in innovation while protecting patient safety, recognize the critical role of private sector initiatives in advancing interoperability and study solutions to increasing the accuracy of patient data matching.

HIMSS thanks the leadership of the Energy and Commerce and HELP Committees for their strong commitment to healthcare transformation and urges the Senate to pass this critical legislation.


HIMSS; health IT; patient care