Support the HIMSS Interoperability Call to Action

Calling all those who support nationwide, ubiquitous, secure electronic exchange of health information. For many years, HIMSS and our valued collaborators have worked relentlessly to ensure individuals, organizations can routinely use secure, trustworthy, interoperable technologies, and work flows to promote wellness and improve the health status of patients and populations. While we have made much progress, and entire careers have spent creating the building blocks, our work is not complete. In October 2017, HIMSS published an Interoperability Call to Action, guiding principles to inform health policy and spur our nation’s health sector to action. We welcome all who share our commitment to join us in achieving better health through the best use of information and technology.

HIMSS invites all stakeholders to become a Champion or Supporter of the HIMSS Interoperability Call to Action. There is no cost to participate. Learn more about how you can get involved and sign up today. Contact strategicrelations@himss.org with questions.