Testing Immunization-Ready IT Solutions

Remember your first immunizations? Neither do I. Nevertheless, having received them, I am one of roughly three billion lives saved globally ever year – a number that speaks volumes about the universal recognition of immunizations as a vital preventative health measure.

Like so many others in the US, I received my first immunizations at birth. The immunizations administered have ensured my protection from 17 serious diseases and conditions (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2010 National Vaccine Plan), and have ultimately improved my quality of life by ensuring better health.


Promoting Preventative Health Measures

As healthcare organizations actively engage in the promotion of preventative health measures, immunization rates have continuously improved. These improving rates link to reductions in healthcare costs, higher levels of productivity, and overall better health outcomes— all of which are essential for a thriving, healthy population.

That’s why it has also become essential to have effective immunization information integration tools in place at your healthcare organization. Information integration tools deliver more accuracy and efficiency throughout the immunization process to confirm that more people are receiving all immunizations at birth, while also keeping them up-to-date. According to the CDC, immunizations have shown further improvement from interventions such as standing orders and automated reminders, as well as feedback for both providers and patients.


Launching the Immunization Integration Program - IIP

Committed to a universal healthcare goal of improved immunization rates, HIMSS, ICSA Labs and CNI Advantage, LLC. (CNI) have collaborated in their efforts to develop the newly launched Immunization Integration Program (IIP). The current testing and validation of clinical software solutions help determine their compliance with the necessary capabilities outlined in the program.

The founding organizations (HIMSS, ICSA Labs and CNI) are currently inviting health IT vendors to test their immunization-capable products in the IIP, which has also earned support of the CDC in its launch. Participation is free of charge to health IT vendors.

The IIP includes cutting-edge software capabilities that address provider and patient reminders, implement up-to-date demographics and distribute accurate immunization information. The program also offers thorough testing and validation, which covers workflows focused on real-life scenarios, while using specific immunization-related capabilities developed by clinicians and other industry stakeholders.


Testing Immunization-Ready IT Solutions

We encourage health IT vendors to engage in the IIP with their software solutions as part of the free testing. Vendors will also receive recognition for achieving validation of their products through the Immunization Integration Program. Check out the IIP testing information if you are interested in learning more, and be sure to contact with any questions about how to get started.