Texas House Passes Bill for Direct to Consumer Telemedicine

On May 11, the Texas House of Representatives passed House Bill 2697. Introduced by Representative Four Price (R), Public Health Committee Chairperson, the bill will allow the doctor-patient relationship to be established via telemedicine rather than in-person. The bill will also allow for asynchronous store and forward technology, including asynchronous store and forward technology in conjunction with synchronous audio interaction between the practitioner and the patient in another location, as long as the practitioner uses clinical information from one of the following sources:

  • Clinically relevant photographic or video images, including diagnostic images; or
  • The patient's relevant medical records, such as the relevant medical history, laboratory and pathology results, and prescriptive histories; or
  • Another form of audiovisual telecommunication technology that allows the practitioner to comply with the standard of care described in Section 111.007 of the bill.