TMC Earns HIMSS Analytics EMRAM and O-EMRAM Stage 7 Revalidation Award

HIMSS Analytics recognizes Truman Medical Centers (TMC) as a Stage 7 hospital on its Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) SM.


CHICAGO (July 10 2017) - Truman Medical Centers (TMC) continuously evolves as a top-notch healthcare facility in Missouri, and has recognized the importance of implementing health IT as a vital part of their healthcare processes. TMC has taken major steps to streamline their approach to provide patients with the best care possible, while also setting a positive example for many future healthcare professionals currently studying at the teaching hospital.


“Truman Medical Centers’ continued use of technology allows our providers to focus on patient safety and care,” stated Mitzi Cardenas, the senior vice president and chief strategy & information officer of Truman Medical Centers. “Whether it’s MyTruHealth (a patient portal that enables patients to communicate with their provider for information on their care and test results) or the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program, alerting pharmacists in real time to drug interactions, we assure the safest care possible while enabling patients to engage in their own care.”


TMC also provides patients access to innovative connected health devices, specifically for those with diabetes and heart failure. These connected devices include blood pressure cuffs, glucometers and scales, which help to collect and seamlessly transmit self-monitoring results to their care team for analysis. This technology eliminates their need to maintain paper testing logs. Through the application of cognitive analytics, the care team has near real-time visibility to concerning trends, enabling earlier intervention – such as supporting self-management behaviors or adjusting care plans as appropriate.


These implementations have resulted in adjustments to a patient’s medication in just days, versus waiting until a next appointment. Improvements in TMC’s chronic care model have enabled earlier identification and avoidance of preventable complications. As a result, the efforts of patients and care teams focus more on the path to wellness.


Truman Medical Centers achieved HIMSS Analytics EMRAM and O-EMRAM Stage 7 Revalidation in July of 2017. Only 4.8% of US, non-governmental hospitals and 9.9% of outpatient facilities (as of Q4 2016) have reached this designation. The eight-stage (0-7) model measures the adoption and utilization of EMR functions; Stage 7 represents a near paperless environment with technology that supports optimized patient care.


TMC currently boasts the largest, most comprehensive behavioral health program in their area, providing excellent patient care from birth to senior years. This includes a long-term care facility, multiple primary care practices, and two acute care academic hospital locations. Truman Medical Centers is also the primary teaching hospital for the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine.


“Truman Medical Centers continues its progress on using information technology to drive the best outcomes in its hospitals and clinics,” stated John Daniels, the global vice president of the healthcare advisory services group at HIMSS Analytics. “They demonstrated a data driven culture with open communication driving continuous process improvements.”



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